Dear Valued Customer:

On behalf of IVESCO and MWI employees, we’d like to thank you for your continued loyalty since August 29th, when MWI announced our intent to acquire IVESCO.

As of November 1, IVESCO and MWI are one company.

Moving forward as one team, we’re excited to begin delivering to you the best each organization has to offer. If you were previously unfamiliar with MWI, we look forward to:

• Growing IVESCO’s product portfolio so that you have access to more products with one call.

• Increasing technology offerings, operational efficiencies and quality initiatives, which translate into service wins for our customers.

• Introducing new services to IVESCO customers, such as MWI’s industry-leading ordering website, mobile ordering platform, AnimalRx® pharmacy and more.

• Continuing to provide the services and products you need to run your business.

Although each of these new benefits won’t appear immediately, we’re committed to keeping you informed throughout the process as we bring the two companies together. To clarify some early questions you may have about the integration:

• Ordering: Please continue to order from IVESCO and MWI as you have previously. Our phones will continue to operate with the same numbers. We’re here to serve your needs!

• Representatives: Primarily based on your past purchase history, IVESCO and MWI have jointly assigned one local field sales representative to service your account. Your assigned field sales representative will be contacting you to discuss related details.

• Payments: Please continue making payments to each company as instructed on your statements. Checks payable for IVESCO purchases should be made out to "IVESCO" rather than "IVESCO LLC".

Throughout our integration, IVESCO and MWI will continue to make high customer service levels our top priority. To demonstrate our commitment to excellent customer service, within the first few days following our November 1 announcement, we’ll be investing millions of dollars to bring expanded inventory levels to IVESCO distribution centers to ensure reliable service, product availability, and rapid delivery.

Over the next few months, as you continue to work with both IVESCO and MWI as your leading providers of products and services, we will remain focused on creating a best-in-class animal health supplier that will continue to get better with each day and year to come.


Jim Cleary
President & CEO
MWI Veterinary Supply